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Build Your Dream House in Paralives

Paralives is an indie game developed by Alex Massé, it aims to capture the hearts of fans that enjoy games like The Sims. In Paralives players will not only build their dream houses with tools Sim-fans could only dream of until now, but the game also features a small open world town and an engaging life simulation aspect.

Paralives is currently still in development, and while there aren’t many details known yet, Alex has already shared a few more bits on the game. Putting your creativity in actual creative work is extremely fun, but the right tools are needed to really capture your vision. The easier the tools are to use, the more fun it is to create exciting projects in a game. Paralives seems to be delivering on that front with creative building tools that go as far as your creativity can reach.

Shaping your walls, doors or even windows exactly into the size you want them to be and being able to place them wherever you want is a big step towards achieving your dream house! Take a looksie at the amazing mechanics Paralives has to offer below.

Besides amazing building tools and endless creative fun, the game will also offer the ability to actually create your characters and make them live in the house you just build, much in the style of games like The Sims. Paralives will also feature seasons, fully customizable small open world towns and most importantly – pets!

Paralives is still in early development, while things during this cycle of the game will change and advance, the games mechanics already look extremely promising and we can’t wait to get addicted to our next obsessions!

Alex is now also on Twitter, a great chance to stay in touch with the developer of Paralives!

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