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Build a Community on an Alien Planet with One Lonely Outpost

Farm, Colonize, Build Relationships, Explore a Mysterious Planet

The publisher Freedom Games (Cat Cafe Manager), as part of IGN Summer of Gaming 2022, showcased their upcoming indie games. One of them included a sci-fi farming simulation game called One Lonely Outpost. In a barren alien world you’ll be in charge of building a colony and decide on growing crops and raising livestock naturally or synthetically (hybrid plants, spliced genes).

To bring colonists over, you’ll have to terraform your desert with a trusty robotic pet. That includes, fertilizing the ground, securing water sources, and making the air breathable. Depending on what you do, new people will come to your outpost like mechanics, environmental engineers, and more. You’ll even get to befriend them or romance them!

Play with up to 3 online friends on the same or separate farms in the same community. Each player can even form their own relationships within the same colony!

Releasing in Q3 2022 for PC

You can Wishlist the game on Steam here, and on The Epic Games Store here. Continue following us here for more games throughout The Summer Game Fest!



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