Birthdays the Beginning gets new PS4 Patch


Birthdays the Beginning has only been out a week in North America and already has it’s first patch update. The new update for Playstation 4 is a marked improvement from the launch version.

You can read the latest patch notes below.

Version 1.01:

  • Horizontal movement added to View Mode.
  • Added a function to allow users to toggle the UI on/off while in View Mode.
  • Added a function to enlarge and shrink the Mini Map.
  • Mini Map can now switch between four display types: Display All / Animals / Plans / Uncaptured
  • Added markers to organisms that have not been captured.
  • Capture range extended.
  • “NEW!” will no longer display in Life News for organisms that have previously been captured.
  • Free Mode now unlocks after clearing Episode 1.
  • Added and revised Navi descriptions that display during Episode 1.
  • Rivers can only be expanded up to 3 spaces in Episode 2.
  • Some of the control descriptions that appear at the bottom of the screen during gameplay have been changed.
  • When the cursor enlarges upon leveling up, the cursor will automatically change to that size.
  • Added explanation of game systems to Game Info menu.
  • Data that is transferred into Free Mode is now separated into Player Data and Terrain Data.
  • HP will no longer decrease after capturing all organisms.
  • Save data is now numbered, and the name of your avatar will appear in the title of save data.
  • Requirements to earn the “Riding the Waves of Time” trophy have been changed to 3 billion Cube Years.
  • A map will now appear in View Mode so users know which direction they are facing.
  • Camera will no longer collide with terrain while in View Mode.
  • Added Capture notification.

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