With Easter almost upon us, what better way to show your love than getting your loved one some cute, unique and fun Nintendo Switch Accessories? Along with some yummy Cadbury eggs of course!

Here is a list of what we think are some of the best Nintendo Switch Accessories available right now! If your loved one, or friend is a huge Nintendo geek or simply want to make the Switch stand out, this is the list for you!

For all our Animal Crossing fans, check out this list of Animal Crossing Merchandise any fan needs! And of course the Official Animal Crossing Sticker book!

  1. 1 Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Grips

    These grips not only look super cute and flashy, but they actually make the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers more grippy, bigger and more comfortable to hold. The Ergonomic design provides superior grip and enhanced comfort. Perfect for local multiplayer games where you have to share your joy-cons! excited? Check them out in all available colors right here.

  2. 2 Car Charger for Nintendo Switch

    One of the big selling points of the Nintendo Switch is its portability. The only thing holding us back from playing Animal Crossing Switch Zelda: Breath of The Wild all day on a road trip is the battery life. This car charger will allow you to charge your Switch in most cars! 

  3. 3 Nintendo Switch Memory Card

    So many games have appeared on Nintendo Switch, and so many more to come! With so many titles coming to the hybrid console we know how important extending the internal memory of the Switch really is. This memory card allows you to download tons of games. And once Animal Crossing Switch comes out, you want to make sure it’s installed on your Switch so you can start it up anytime, anywhere, and never have to close it out again - ever. Get your officially licensed memory card with a totally adorable Toad on it right here.

  4. 4 Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch

    Not the most fun, but one of the most important Nintendo Switch Accessories you can get for your Switch. This Nintendo Switch Screen Protector keeps your glroious screen free from scratches. The consoles screen is made from plastic and not glass so it can be scratched rather easyily without protection. Make sure you grab your screen protector here

  5. 5 Protective Case Cover for Nintendo Switch

    For the ultimate Nintendo Switch protection kit, we recommend using a cover as well as a screen protector. This Nintendo Switch Cover does not only provide more protection, it also comes with a screen protecor. The cover itself also provides a better grip so you can really cling on to your favorite game in handheld mode. And as if that wasn't enough it can be washed easily with tap water making for a long lasting protective case. 

  6. 6 Nintendo Switch Travel Case - Mario Style

    This Nintendo Switch Travel Case comes in the style of Marios outfit. It looks so adorable, but it is also super functional! It fits your Switch, the Joy-Cons, the charging dock, games and so much more! This Nintendo Switch Accessory will keep all your goodies safely stored together. 

  7. 7 Nintendo Switch Retro GameCube Style Controller

    This Nintendo Switch controller in the style of the GameCube controller makes a perfect gift for any Super Smash Bros. fan and/or any Nintendo fan! A detachable USB cable is also included, it is even officialy licensed by Nintendo, grab it up here

  8. 8 Ultimate Nintendo Switch Accessory Kit

    This is the ultimate Nintendo Switch Accessory kit. It includes almost anything any Switch owner could akso for. Joy-Con Grips, a screen protecor, a travel case and so much more! It can even hold a whooping 24 game cartridges! 

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  • James
    Posted Mar 29, 2019 at 4:09 pm 0Likes

    That’s the screen protectors I bought near release of the switch. Glad I got a set, it’s been great. No worries about screen damage, no affect on the ability to use the touch screen, and multiple in a pack in case you mess up, or like me, end up with someone else buying a Switch in the house and needing one.

    • Max
      Posted Mar 30, 2019 at 5:38 am 0Likes

      Hey James! Thanks for your feedback. We at MPG also use the same screen protector, it lasts long like you said! Good to know you made the same positive experience! 😀

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