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Ayo the Clown – Official Switch Release Date + Adorable New Trailer

The developers of Ayo the Clown have announced that their game will be launching on Steam and Switch this Spring!

Ayo The Clown is one super adorable title that I have been keeping a close eye on. I just can’t get enough of the unreasonably charming graphics and sound effects. Even the story, searching for your lost doggo, is the cutest thing ever. I even got the chance to play the first couple of levels, and I can say without a doubt that I can’t wait to see that 100% mark for this one.

Now, the developers of the game have officially announced that Ayo will be releasing on Steam and Nintendo Switch this Spring. That means this uber adorable little clown will get to finally find his lost doggy right in your very own home, on the most wholesome of consoles none the less.

Ayo the Clown Gameplay Trailer

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For more information on Ayo The Clown, you can check out my coverage here, or check out the official website.

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