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Nintendo Arms Twitter Reveals New Stage (and Character?)

The Arms Twitter is well known for putting out a slew of pictures relating to the new Nintendo IP. Usually, these pictures are just for fun or to help announce updates. However, this time, the official Arms Twitter has graced us with something a little more substantial.


That’s right! Biff has the Arms condition, too! Oh, right. There’s also a new stage that appears to be candy-themed. With this, it’s almost guaranteed that the new character is going to be the suggested “Sweet” character. Data miners told us the “Sweet” character files were the closest to looking like a completed character. So this is less of a shock and more a vindication.

However, I think we can look a little deeper. Stages are known for having tons of references to the character they represent. And even from this view, we can tell some things about the character. Mostly, we know they’re bakery or sweet shop influenced. There’s more, though. In the background, we can see a logo and even potentially the character herself. Look at this:

New Arms Character Hints
Courtesy of Reddit

This seems to be the character, her logo, and even maybe her name. Meena, perhaps? Is that a lollipop on her head? Or maybe a cinnamon bun? Perhaps the character isn’t even female. We don’t really have much other info. All speculation is based on these three images. That didn’t stop Redditors from rolling with it, though. Many think this looks like an old woman while others see a king or even a clown.

Now that we know of this character, however, when will this character release? Based on the update schedules, we can expect an update around the start of September. In fact, with the previous character release, we saw this same Twitter teasing Max Brass for nearly a month after E3. It’s not crazy to think we could be waiting another month for this one.

With all that said, it’s only a matter of time before we get more info. The Twitter is still very active. Stay tuned for any further updates on Arms, Arms updates, and many other games.

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