ARMS gets its first DLC character in Max Brass


At the treehouse live event on June 15th, Nintendo demoed some ARMS gameplay and its first DLC character. The character’s name is Max Brass.

Every character in ARMS has unique abilities. Max Brass has the ability to not flinch when he takes attacks as long as his arms are charged up. The ability to not flinch is similar to Master Mummy(who has this ability by default). Similar to Spring Man, Max Brass gains permanently charged arms when he is below 20% health.

Max Brass will be available next month as free DLC. After the official release of ARMS, the game will be gaining a spectator mode.


It’s finally here! If you’ve been following us, you know how excited we are for Nintendo’s next big title. Arms appears to have all the depth and fun it needs to survive the Summer, but we already wrote plenty on that. (NOW AVAILABLE; $59.99 Get it here )

Here is the treehouse live gameplay and the announcement for Max Brass.

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