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Apple Arcade Features Oceanhorn 2

Apple recently announced that they are adding a new service to the iOS line-up, simply titled “Apple Arcade”. In a nutshell, Apple Arcade will be a subscriptions service available on all iOS devices that will give you access to 100+ games (many new), and that’s just at launch. With zero in-app purchases and the ability to play offline, it appears that Apple intends to remain to be the highest-selling “gaming platform” in the world.

While Apple Arcade does intend to have new and exclusive titles, it also appears that they the rights to some wonderful classics, like a sequel to Oceanhorn and even Sonic Racing! For those of you don’t know, Oceanhorn is a Zelda-esque indie title that did exceedingly well on iOS, but not so much on other platforms. It makes sense that Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm would be an exclusive to Apple Arcade, and should receive a beautiful boost now that it has comfy home at Apple.

Apple Arcade will launch with approximately 100 titles to access instantly upon subscription. Apple is yet to share a price or an exact date (fall this year is as much as we get). For more information on Apple Arcade, check out

Oceanhorn 2 First Footage



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