Welcome to the first part of the five part series, Animal Crossing Switch Dreamlist! We have some great ideas for the next Animal Crossing game and we’ll be explaining in depth how each idea would work. Part 1 is all about the new system for moving in villagers!

The original Animal Crossing, Animal Crossing: Wild World, and Animal Crossing: City Folk all used the same way of moving in villagers. All three games used the wooden signs. These signs were placed randomly around your town and were there the second you started playing. These signs represented where a villager’s house could be. You didn’t have the ability to move these signs though, so you had to deal with the placement of them. Things changed in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The signs were removed from the game and villagers simply moved in wherever they wanted, even if that meant on top of your trees, paths, or just a bad spot in general.

In Animal Crossing Switch, we feel like you, as mayor of your town, should be able to choose where your villagers move in. No more signs or randomness to the game, you pick the exact location. When starting up your game while talking to Isabelle, she’ll let you know if someone new is moving in soon. If so, once you get into your game, head over to the Town Hall and talk to Isabelle. Then you’ll be able to show her around town and pick the exact spot you want the villager to move in. Then, after you do that, a fenced in area will show up, similar to how it does in New Leaf. This will let you know where the house will be placed and that you can expect a new villager the next day. If you choose not to talk to Isabelle in the Town Hall regarding the house placement, the villager will have the ability to move in wherever they want.

Choosing where villagers move in will help when it comes to planning out your town. You no longer have to worry about someone ruining your town layout. It will also make you want to keep playing often to make sure everything is going as planned. If you decide not to choose where villagers move in, that’s okay too. Some players might not care as much and will allow their villagers to move in wherever they please! We feel like this addition to Animal Crossing is needed for the players that have a good idea of what their town will end up looking like. Like we mentioned before, this system of moving in villagers isn’t mandatory so players aren’t forced to play this way.

That’s all for the first part of our Animal Crossing Switch Dreamlist, but we have four other parts coming very soon! For now, check out the recent announcement of a Nintendo Direct coming tomorrow! And, do you think Animal Crossing Switch will be announced this year? Check out what we had to say here!