If you are playing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, chances are you are always in need of help from other players. Pocket Camp is all about trading, and helping one another. The online community is huge, and sometimes you need some quick help to get into Shovelstrike Quarry as fast as possible. Our Pocket Camp Facebook Group filled with active players, are now coming together to start a Discord Chat dedicated to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. For the ones who don’t know Discord is a free chat program.

You can join our brand new Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Discord with only one click right here. Join us to say hello, find some new Pocket Camp friends, and get all the help you need with your favorite mobile game. See you there!

For more Animal Crossing Pocket Camp news, check out this custom sticker pack and have your beloved Camper/Villager or favorite animal turned into an actual sticker pack!

See you on our Discord over here!