There is yet another cool crossover going down in Pocket Camp, and this time it’s Dr. Mario.

Dr. Mario pocket camp

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has had plenty of kooky and classy crossovers to add some really special content to our camps. Crossover content has actually been quite a large part of what makes Pocket Camp such a special mobile game. Not only have we gotten items and clothing from these crossovers, but even game functionality with the Happy Homemaker crossover.

We’ve seen a lot spectacular crossovers with titles like Splatoon, Mario, Pokemon and even Hello Kitty. Whether you’re finding the perfect place to set your giant plush Eevee, or deciding to look like Mario with or without the mustache, Animal Crossing Pocket camp crossovers have always added just that little extra to keep Pocket Camp on our playlist.

The latest crossover to join the Pocket Camp updates is with the recently released for mobile title, Dr. Mario World. This update comes in the form of a few themed gifts from the new title. Players who log in between the dates of 7/18/19 and 8/18/19 will receive three awesome virus tees and a Mario mustache that looks oddly familiar. They also recommend getting the doctors coat by raising your friendship with Raddle to level 7, if you haven’t already done so. Now you can look exactly like Dr. Mario himself!

For more information about this crossover event, be sure to check out Nintendos official Animal Crossing Pocket Camp website.

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