During an investor meeting Nintendo has recently announced that it plans to support Animal Crossing Pocket Camp for a long time to come. The big N plans to continue introducing new features, and ways to enjoy the popular mobile game. Isabelle has once again teased fans of Pocket Camp about an upcoming event. According to her latest tweet a new fruit themed event will soon be taking place in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. The teaser image reveales a couple of fruit themed items, such as a fruit themed fence, carpet, dress and more. It is to assume that the event will tie in with the recently added “perfect fruit” feature. The event is currently expected to start this week, around May 3rd.

Pocket Camp

Furthermore Isabelle has also opened the gates to let in more Animals. You can see a list of the 5 new animals below. Players will be able to fulfill request and obtain some fresh new items this way. Send a warm welcome to Tom the kitty cat, Jitters the bird, Shari the monkey, Wendy the sheep (stuck in the watermelon), and Maple the adorable bear!

  • Tom
  • Jitters
  • Shari
  • Wendy
  • Maple

In addition to upcoming fruit event, and the 5 new animals, Nintendo has recently teased fans with Nintendo Switch themed items. In case you missed that, you can get caught up here. The current Gyroidite event is also still in full swing.

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