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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Has Best Month Ever Celebrates With New Content

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp just celebrated its most profitable month every thanks to the launch of Animal Crossing New Horizons.

New Horizons has broken every sale record imaginable. The game sold nearly 5 million copies in Japan alone and thanks to the wave of excitement the launch created, Pocket Camp also received a lot of love from players.

Nintendo was proud to announce that the mobile version of the beloved village simulator has had its best month since the launch of the game back in 2018.

According to the chart released Pocket Camp made nearly 8 million dollars in April alone. Take a look at the impressive chart below.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp New Content

What better way to celebrate this new milestone than to make the game even better with some new features and enhancments to the gaming experience!

According to the patch log for Update 3.2.0 players can now finally save their favorite outfits for some quick wardrobe change much like the magic wand in New Horizons.

Take a look at everything else that’s new below!

  • Outfits can now be saved as Saved Outfits.
  • Fave Photo pose is now adjustable.
  • You can now change animals’ clothes from Contacts.
  • Increased maximum capacity for Gathered Materials and Plants.
  • Improvements to Pocket Camp Club. Gyroidite and crafting materials such as wood that your camp caretaker cannot pick up due to inventory limits will be automatically converted to bells in the Camp Caretaker Report.
  • Adjusted catchphrases for some animals.
  • Adjusted the rates of lost item requests at campsites
  • Adjusted certain design elements of some screens.
  • Other minor adjustments.


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