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Animal Crossing New Horizons Summer Update Adds Swimming And More!

Nintendo follows its promise to keep updating Animal Crossing New Horizons for at least three more years, the summer update will bring the long awaited ability to go swimming!

Nintendo dropped a trailer for the next big update coming to New Horizons. According to the big N the next content update will re-introduce swimming. Fans of the series might remember that New Leaf already featured such activity.

Grab a wet suit and take a dive!

Once you obtain a wet suit you can jump into the ocean to cool down and even look for new creatures inhabiting your islands costal areas.

Along with the swimming update a new character might visit your new island. Nintendo would only go as far as saying that he loves scallops and might give you a couple of new recipes if you bring him a few!


Furthermore, Gulliver will also continue to visit your island but this time around you might spot him wearing a pirate outfit!

You can check out the full announcement trailer below! Make sure to also take a look at this list of things that can make Animal Crossing New Horizons even better! Mini games with friends and more!

Animal Crossing New Horizons Summer Update Release Date

The first part of the summer update goes live on July 3rd, the second part of it will be available as another free download early August of 2020.


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