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Animal Crossing New Horizons Star Fragment Trees Are Beautiful

These Animal Crossing New Horizons Star Fragment Trees are not actually part of the game but I want them anyway.

The Animal Crossing New Horizons modding scene has become more and more popular sometimes with game breaking exploits like the duplication glitch but this time around, it is a harmless and actually beyond cute little mod.

Star fragments can be found in Animal Crossing New Horizons after Celeste pays you a visit on a starry night. If you take a peek at the sky and see a shooting star you can make a wish and perhaps the following morning you might find some star fragments on the beach.

image from twitter user @soguumm
Image via Twitter/@peachyisIe

These can be used to craft certain items, such as a bunch of different magic star fragment wands. You can find out exactly how many there are and what they do right here.


Animal Crossing New Horizons Star Fragment Trees

But Star Fragment trees can unforutenly not be planted but instead need some extensive modding done to your Switch and game. But if you are like me and like to dream away, take a looksie at these beautiful pictures shared by the Animal Crossing community. I would absolutely plant these stars fragment trees if it was possible!

Take a look at this island tour from twitter user @soguumm who shared her beautiful Star Fragment Trees with us!

How to get a pet in Animal Crossing New Horizons

If you’d like a little companion pet in the game, make sure to head over here to find out how!

( I personally do not mod my game/console and would not recommend anyone doing so. Hacks and mods can corrupt your save game in some rare cases even break your console. This articles only purpose is to showcase how beautiful star fragment trees look like )


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