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Animal Crossing New Horizons Fish And Insects Coming In May

With a new month comes a whole bunch of new insects and fish to Animal Crossing New Horizons.

If you have been clocking hours on New Horizons, chances are you are also trying to complete your critterpedia. Unless you choose to time travel it is essential you keep track of all the fish and insects leaving and coming each and every month of the year.

There are plenty of new fish you can start catching in May. Take a look at the list below for all the fish and insects now roaming your island for a limited time!

Animal Crossing New Horizons – New Fish In May

Fish NameAvailabilityTimesLocationFish Price
AngelfishMay to November4pm to 9amRiver3000
BettaMay to November9am to 4pmRiver2500
CatfishMay to October4pm to 9amPond800
FrogMay to August24 hoursPond120
Giant TrevallyMay to October24 hoursPier4500
Mahi-MahiMay to October24 hoursPier6000
Nibble FishMay to September9am to 4pmRiver1500
RainbowfishMay to November9am to 4pmRiver800

Animal Crossing New Horizons – New Bugs for May

Bugs NameAvailabilityTimesLocationBug Price
Banded DragonflyMay to October8am to 5pmFlying around4500
Diving BettleMay to September8am to 7pmOn ponds and rivers800
Great Purple EmperorMay to August4am to 7pmFlying around3000
PondskaterMay to September8am to 7pmOn ponds and rivers130
Queen Alexandra’s BirdwingMay to September8am to 4pmFlying around4000
Rosalia Batesi BeetleMay to SeptemberAll dayAppears on a tree stump3000
ScorpionMay to October7pm to 4amOn the ground8000
Violin BeetleMay to June
September to November
All dayAppears on tree stumps450

Animal Crossing New Horizons Fish Leaving in May

While there are no bugs leaving in May there are a couple of fish that you should try to catch before they are leaving this month!

Fish NameAvailabilityTimesLocationFish Price
Golden TroutMarch to May
September to November
4pm to 9amClifftop river15000
LoachMarch to May24 hoursRiver400
OarfishDecember to May24 hoursSea9000

Animal Crossing New Horizons Might get Cooking and Dream Suits soon!

A recent Animal Crossing New Horizons datamine suggested that Dream Suits might be making a return in addition to ocean diving, vegetable farming and cooking!


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