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Animal Crossing New Horizons Festive Clothing And Path Designs

The holidays upon us and now is the best time to start transforming your island into a winter wonderland.

The first snowflakes started falling this week in Animal Crossing New Horizons which is the first sign of the first Toy Day event slowly moving in.

Nintendo already released this years winter and holiday update but due to the new time travel restrictions, you won’t be able to enjoy the first Toy Day event ahead of time.

So while we wait for Jingle to make its way to our islands why not start by looking at some beautiful holiday themed clothing and path designs to decorate some parts ( or all of ) your island.

No matter if you just want to make a splash in your town center or decorate your favorite villagers home, these custom designs are super adorable and are sure to help you create a festive wonderland!


Animal Crossing New Horizons Holiday Path Design

Just finished up this winter snowflake path! from r/ACQR
So I made a Christmas path because I couldn’t find any that I liked 🎅🎄 from r/ACQR
I made a Christmas lights path border inspired by the next update! My creator code is MA-3913-4340-0118. Please leave a picture if you use it 😊 from r/ACQR
Christmas Lights! Will recolor and upload upon request 🙂 from r/ACQR
Made a winter path border! MA-2771-6029-4943 from r/ACQR
My full Christmas lights pattern in all blue!! Feel free to request different light colors! MA-4822-3012-4987 from r/ACQR
My Fall/ Nightmare before Christmas designs. I love the fall! from r/AnimalCrossing
Made an ice brick path for Roald’s winter wonderland! from r/ACQR

Ice Brick Path Above: MA-7832-4828-6533

Christmas/Winter Themed Path from r/ACQR
Winter is coming. Special Black Friday release of snow spots to help you get ready. ❄️ Two more weeks! (Posted as Other for white background) from r/ACQR

Animal Crossing New Horizons Holiday Clothing

I made some nerdy Christmas sweaters!!! The Witcher, Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, and LOTR! from r/ACQR
The long dressed version of Christmas Flurries is here! Holly Flakes comes in all skins~ please check comments for link<3 from r/ACQR
Is it early? Yes. Is it worth it? Also yes. Christmas Flurry♡ (All skins available, please check comments!) from r/ACQR
I made some Eastern European inspired dresses for winter! My creator code is MA-4603-0625-2471 (individual codes will be in the comments) from r/ACQR
Getting a start on some new cozy knits for winter 🧵 from r/ACQR
I designed a Rainbow Christmas Sweater collection! from r/ACQR
I’ve never needed the Christmas spirit more than this year! Hope these designs will spread some cheer! from r/ACQR
Re-uploading since I had made a type in my designer ID. BUT I’m so excited for Christmas and seeing my villagers in my Christmas collection 😍 from r/AnimalCrossing
Oh, by gosh, by golly! It’s time for… 🎼🎹🎻🎷🎄 Inspired one of my favorite Christmas songs and a dress I’ll link in the comments 🙂 from r/ACQR
Updated my Ables with some simple but cosy fall, winter and christmas clothes. The ‘cold’ seasons really are the most fun to design clothes for imo. from r/ACQR
I’ve been working on new Christmas designs today. I’m having so much fun pairing my designs with in-game clothes. Let me know if you use any of these and what you pair them with. from r/AnimalCrossing
I modeled after a boutique dress I got on vacation in high school, made holiday versions and monochrome version too! from r/ACQR
I love designing, but I’ve been busy so I had to start planning ahead! I give you… my quick switch Fall and Christmas lines! from r/ACQR
Christmas sweaters! Others available through my creator ID. Not my OG designs but adapted from New Leaf designs from r/ACQR
My first Christmas Sweater from r/ACQR
Happy thanksgiving! Now onto Christmas ~<3 from r/ACQR
Christmas Jumper timeee from r/ACQR
Getting a start on some new cozy knits for winter 🧵 from r/ACQR
Recreated my favorite Christmas sweater 🙂 from r/ACQR
I know it’s early… but I made a dinosaur Christmas jumper! from r/AnimalCrossing
Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. First ever custom. Messy, but think that works to advantage. Code in comments if wanted. from r/ACQR

Code is MA-4071-7612-9587

Yes, I’m early, but here’s a Santa Claus coat. from r/ACQR

Animal Crossing New Horizons Holiday Design

Made a snow shovel design for winter! from r/ACQR
Setting up Christmas market🎄dual purpose design for panel and stall matches Ables’ siding. Designs for paper star lanterns, lebkuchen etc are up also. Code MA-4866-7340-6229 Forgive the apostrophe being in the wrong place.😱 from r/ACQR
Christmas Market✨ | stall designs QR from r/ACQR
Nightmare Before Christmas Holiday Trees & Sally’s Dress designs from r/AnimalCrossing
More Christmas designs. I love Christmas! from r/AnimalCrossing

Inspirational Animal Crossing New Horizons Design Ideas

If you need more inspiration to create a paradise on your island, take a look at these neatly organized inspirations from waterfall designs, to restaurants and interior designs!


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