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Animal Crossing New Horizons Villager House Visits, New Furniture Category And More Coming Soon

The latest update for Animal Crossing New Horizons revealed some new features possibly coming very soon!

Every new update coming to Animal Crossing New Horizons often brings some exciting new features. While the last update 1.5.1 didn’t add anything exciting beyond some bugs fixes, thanks to dataminer Ninji we have some new interesting insights on what Nintendo is prepappiring underneath the hood. It’s going to be big!

Villager Home Visits

According to the datamine, there is now some code in place that hints at villagers making house visits. In case you haven’t played Animal Crossing New Leaf – in the previous title, villagers would sometimes ask you to hang out at a specific time.

This means that your islanders or villagers would come to your home and spend some time with you for a while. This was indeed a feature in previous Animal Crossing games and would be a fun one to welcome back in New Horizons. There is something very unique and charming about inviting your favorite villagers to visit you in your home.

Ceiling Funriture

Ninji dug even a little deeper into the code and found some references to a whole bunch of new furniture, in fact a whole new category! Ceiling Furniture such as chandeliers and ceiling fans might soon be a reality in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Something that was teased for Animal Crossing Home Academy but never quite made it into the game.

With the latest update three new lines of code have been added to the game, called “cRoomEditCeilingNear, cRoomEditCeilingNormal, and cRoomEditCeilingFar” this is a strong sign that we might be getting ceiling furniture very soon!

New Mysterious Items might Point at return of Resetti!

animal crossing new horizons christmas update

In addition to all the other features, it appears that more new mysterious entries have been found in the code. Nintendo purposely tries to stay vague with the name tags ( variables ) they use in the code to prevent upcoming features from leaking too early.

Entries called “PBag, FAndK, Cane, Fpan, Pkax, Tr, MChart, Mcas, and CUten” have been found in the deep caves of the New Horizons code. It is difficult to make any sense out any of these names.

But if I would have a guess I would think that Fpan could stand for frying pan, possibly a new item to go with the long rumored Harvest Event bringing Cooking DIYs to the game!

Cane could maybe hint at the upcoming Christmas event that Nintendo already teased, sugar canes might be this years Holiday treat, much like the candy we can currently purchase during Halloween time from Nooks Cranny.

Pkax is another interesting placeholder for an item. There have been rumors about Resetti coming back to the game, the pickax, his choice of tool, might be further hints toward a return of the grumpy groundhog.

Datamine is a pretty clear indication of upcoming features but wait for an official announcement

Keep in mind while datamined information have proven to be accurate in the past such as the prediction of the summer event including ocean diving, it is important to know that these features may or may not make it into the game, nothing is official until Nintendo announces it.

With that being said, Nintendo is working on some really fun things, and since the game will be supported for at least three more years with new content, we are just at the beginning of what Animal Crossing New Horizons will be one day!


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