Many Nintendo and Animal Crossing developers are saying goodbye to Miiverse with some adorable and heartwarming drawings. The beloved service will shut down on November 7th, and all assets will be unavailable after that date. If you want save some of your memories you will have to do so before the final day. Some dedicated fans are trying to save millions of submissions to make them available for users around the world after the official shut down date. Aya Kyogoku producer of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and director of Animal Crossing: New Leaf has shared some adorable art as well. Check out some of the submissions by the Nintendo developers below.

Many games including Animal Crossing: Plaza and Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer are affected by the Miiverse shutdown. For more information on the Miiverse sunset, you may check out the official Nintendo FAQ right here. If you haven’t already you may also want to take the ultimate Animal Crossing: New Leaf quiz over here.

Aya Kyogoku – Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer producer and Animal Crossing: New Leaf director

Miiverse animal crossing

Takaya Imamura – director of Steel Diver: Sub Wars

Takaya Imamura

Eiji Aonuma – Zelda producer

Shigeru Miyamoto

Shinya Hiratake – Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker director

Kenta Motokura – Super Mario 3D World director