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Animal Crossing Bunny Day 2019 – Don’t miss out!

Animal Crossing New leaf: Welcome Amiibo is having its 8th! annual bunny day. Animal Crossing Bunny Day is the one day a year that all of your villagers will participate in the egg hunt. First introduced in City folk, bunny day has become a fans favorite holiday to celebrate. Zipper will appear in your town on a Sunday in March or April to celebrate Bunny Day! While this years Bunny Day is still a few weeks away, it always takes some time to prepare for major events in Animal Crossing.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf Welcome Amiibo the player will be able to hunt for six different kind of eggs. Easier said than done, finding the eggs can be challenging, so prepare yourself to turn your village upside down. You can find the eggs by performing certain activities, fishing, diving, tree shaking, hitting rocks, digging up holes, and shooting down presents from the sky with the slingshot.

All of these activities make the event more challenging but more fun at the same time. Once you find the eggs you can open them to receive a prize. Prizes vary and can either be candy (yum!) , winning tickets or even a grand prize ticket.

Animal Crossing Bunny Egg

If the egg ends up looking super delicious, you might end up eating it, in which case you will receive a prize ticket. Tickets can be traded in for an item in the egg series, while the more rare grand prize tickets can be exchanged for Zippers picture. However, there is one item that can not be obtained using tickets, and that is the beautiful egg basket. This item is rare and can only be received if you collect all of the six different eggs on bunny day.

Animal Crossing Bunny Egg

The friendly and adorable bunny – Zipper T. will award the player one of the following items from the egg series for every Bunny Ticket! If you can’t sleep without a photo of Zipper on your night stand, then you need to look for a grand prize ticket.

Trading in that ticket will make Zipper gift you his picture. You don’t have to settle with just one picture of him, the grand prize ticket can be obtained more than once during the Animal Crossing Bunny Day.

Animal Crossing Egg Series

Egg Basket
Egg TV
Egg Bed
Egg Bench
Egg Chair
Egg Clock
Egg Dresser
Egg Lamp
Egg Stereo
Egg Table
Egg Toy Set
Egg Wardrobe
Egg Wall
Egg Floor

When Is Animal Crossing Bunny Day?

Bunny Day will always start at 6 am and end at 6pm, the day it takes place varies each year. In 2019 the Animal Crossing Bunny Day will take place on April 21st. So make sure you plan ahead and get ready!

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