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Among Us Is Free For A Week On Nintendo Switch

Nintendo announced that Among Us will be free for a week on Nintendo Switch.

If you are not familiar with Among Us, it is a social deception game that released back in 2018 but became very popular in 2020 due to a social media boom that picked up the title. The indie developers behind the game quickly acted on the hype and released the game on Nintendo Switch later in 2020.

Among Us is still popular and played by thousands of fans around the world every day. The nature of the game keeps the replay-ability high and one of the reasons why Nintendo has announced that every Switch player who has an active Nintendo Switch Online Membership can now download the game for free and enjoy it for a week.

If you end up having so much fun and would like to continue playing, the big N also announced that everyone downloading the free trial will be granted a 30% discount to purchase the game for only $3.50.

Among Us – Play Now

Among Us is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Mobile Devices ( iOS and Android ).



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