News come in waves for the recently revealed Animal Crossing New Horizons. During an interview with no other than game director Aya Kyogoku and producer Higashi Nogami, some nifty new details about the beloved K.K Slider have been revealed amongst other new tidbits. 

In the interview with GameKult Aya confirmed that Amiibos will indeed be compatible with the upcoming game, but she did not share any details how Amiibos will play a role in New Horizons. However, she did say that cards as well as figures will both be a working addition. 

Many fans have also been wondering if K.K Slider will make a return. New Leaf players can enjoy his concerts at Club LOL. Higashi mentioned that the cool, but also adorable dog, will hold concerts every Saturday! Yay! The latest trailer already presented us with some new music, it will be great to see what new songs K.K Slider will come up with!

Aya was also asked about the new multiplayer modes in the game. We have recently covered the new addition to Animal Crossing New Horizons where players will be able to actually provide a home to friends in their own town. Today we learned there will also be split screen couch coop where up to 4 players can play on one console, with only one game in either Docked ( TV ) or handheld mode. 

Last but not least, Kyogoku talked a little bit about the unfortunate but needed delay for the game. She explained how important the first year is for any Animal Crossing game. Seasonal Events and other features need to be completed before the game launches. We are in favor of some more development time to deliver the game all of us Animal Crossing fans have been waiting for so long!

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