Mario Kart Fans should be excited for this one. All Star Fruit Racing Switch has been rated in Brazil, making an immediate  or near future release very likely. As you may have guessed already, All Star Fruit Racing is a kart racing game, much like the beloved and very popular Mario Kart franchise. The game is currently available on steam, with mostly positive reviews.

All-Star Fruit Racing is the kart racing game you’ve been waiting for! Graphically stunning and incredible fun with a strategic twist that will keep you playing. Race on many breath-taking and distinct tracks spread over 5 spectacular islands: you’ll discover fantastic worlds… and remember: speed is nothing without strategy!

All Star Fruit Racing Features

Single-player and Multiplayer Modes
Supports 2, 3, and 4-players in local split-screen
Online multiplayer for up to 8 players (ranking included!) *Autumn
A roster of 22 characters to unlock
5 islands composed of 21 tracks that will be polished with the help of the community
3 different karts customisable with over 40.000 possible combinations to unlock
5 Gameplay modes (Random Juicer, Juicer, Dragster, Elimination and Elimination Mix)
5 Racing formats (Custom Race, Career, Fast Championship, Custom Championship and Time Attack)
40 different fun skills to master and use against your rivals
Tons of items to unlock

Check out the fruity trailer for All Star Fruit Racing below. For more racing news, check out the newly released Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Wallpaper here. Nintendo has also recently announced Mario Kart tour, the first Mario Kart ever coming to mobile devices, in case you missed it, head over here.