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All Aboard on Steam – Locomotion is Out Today

Locomotion is a railway puzzle and adventure game developed by Polyfox, a small indie studio in the UK. Help the conductor to find their gold, stolen by an alien, by guiding a train to different worlds and overcoming challenging puzzles along the way. Haul wagons and flick switches through fifty-one levels such as home on the range to the final frontier. You can play Locomotion today, May 10th, 2019, over on Steam here!

Different themed worlds have different trains

Get your steamy choo-choo-train on the right tracks by changing the directions with signs, turntables, and lifts in this western-themed world seen below, and don’t forget to grab your gold along the way! The unique ways to chug along will change depending on the world you’re in (i.e. teleportation in the sci-fi level).

Control where your train goes by changing the tracks

Key Features

  • Explore a captivating cartoon world.
  • Solve challenging puzzles using over a dozen mechanics. Use a magnet to haul a wagon onto a switch, turning a turntable holding a fan that blows you to the next level.
  • Unravel a story of loss, vengeance, and unidentified flying objects.

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