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Adorable Home Gets Farming And Cooking Addition

Adorable Home is getting farming and Cooking to bring even more cuteness to an already adorably relaxing experience.

For the ones who don’t know Adorable Home is a game about you and your partner in a small, cozy home. You start out with a few empty rooms that you can fill with everything your heart desires. Place a TV, add a cozy couch to cuddle up and of course adopt a bunch of cats to make it the perfect home.

Decorate your home, make it yours!

Of course there is a natural feeling within us to make our space reflect our personalities. in Adorable Home you can choose from hundreds of different furniture, stairs, wallpapers and more to really make your sanctuary your own. Don’t have money? you don’t need it! In this game everything is purchased by love!

Farming, Cooking and Animals

Adorable Home received a huge expansion that will not only introduce a place to farm but also adds a kitchen to prepare delicious dishes.

The farming extension will allow you to tend to the needs of cute animals such as cows and chickens. The kitchen area will let you put on your chefs hat so you can prepare dishes for you and your partner and perhaps some for your kittens?

Play Adorable Home Today

Adorable Home is currently available on iOS and Android devices for free. The game as you may have guessed does offer some in-game purchases but there is a lot of fun and wholesome experiences to gather without having to put real money forward, after all it is a game designed around love and compassion!

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