Fathers Day is just around the corner, and we found the perfect gifts for any gaming dad!

Being a parent is certainly a full time job, and nothing compares to sharing family time with your children. Especially when that family time means booting up a console and going on a virtual adventure together. So we wanted to make shopping a little bit easier for this parenting holiday, and find the best gifts we can for all the gaming dads out there! Happy Fathers Day, and we hope at least one of these awesome dad gifts finds its way to you!

Possibly an external hard drive?

As we age, our memory gets less and less. Fortunately, the same does not have to be said for our gaming. And being a dad means sometimes not buying that new game, but instead playing a few more free-to-play games. It also just so happens that there are plenty of family-friendly games that are free to play, no matter your platform preference. Now he can download all the free games he could want with some backup space in an external hard drive.

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A new headset might be nice!

Sometimes being the best dad we can be means getting some free time with our other family, our brethren in the virtual realm. Spending some time with the squad can be exactly what the doctor ordered when it comes to dealing with the pressures of fatherhood. A new headset could also be useful for any dad who likes to game with his family, but can’t always be in the same place with them. Communication is always key, especially in the gaming world, and a new headset could be just the ticket!

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Maybe a Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo has been the leader in family gaming for quite some time now! With the ever growing collection of family-friendly titles, the Nintendo Switch is the perfect gift for any dad that wants to share his love of gaming with his family. From doing a cutesy racing in Mario Kart 8, to competing in silly competitions in Super Mario Party, there is always something to be shared when it comes to the latest generation console from Nintendo.

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A backup controller never hurts.

One thing we learn quickly as parents is that accidents happen, a lot. And just because you may not need a new controller right now (although it’s likely that you do), you may very well be in need of one in the near future. It never hurts to be prepared, and having a backup controller for your console is preparedness at its finest. Controllers already see the most action when it comes to gaming hardware, and the excess stress on it from multiple members of a family is always something to be considered.

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Gamer Dad Phone Case! A perfect Fathers Day Gift?

For all those frugal dads out there, we wanted to make sure there was at least one gift on our list that doesn’t have to be budgeted for. Being a parent is never cheap, representing your gamer dad-ness can be! Let everyone around you know that while family comes first, gaming comes a close second. Now you can let it be known everywhere you go, with a gamer dad cell phone case.

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Nintendo Labo VR Kit!

Take family gaming to the next level with the Nintendo Labo Kit! A great gift for any dad that truly wants to share an in-depth gaming experience with their family! Create all the cool gadgets available that sync up with some of our favorite titles. Virtual Reality is something that everyone should experience in their life, and the Labo Kit is a great, and cost effective, way to get you and your family into the next generation of gaming.

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