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A Fold Apart: A Game From The Heart

A Fold Apart explores what it’s like in a long-distance relationship.

With the rapid advancement of technological communication, more people than ever have experienced what it’s like to be in a long distance relationship. The weight of uncertainty combined with an unwavering longing can be quite the emotional roller coaster. Well, indie developers Lightning Rod Games have created a beautiful puzzle game, A Fold Apart, to allow gamers to explore this reality in a virtual way.

Come together in A Fold Apart.

In this wonderful heart-felt puzzle title, it is the players mission to guide their characters through a charming fold-able world with the ultimate goal of bringing your two characters together. Given that the game was heavily inspired by actual events in the developers lives, you get a true sense of what it’s like to be in a long-distance relationship. The sacrifices made by each individual to work toward becoming one again is experienced through the charming characters (whose genders are also customizable) created by devs who have been there.

The delightfully appealing graphics of A Fold Apart really help you to get the emotional feel of the game as well. With soft shapes and colors galore, we’re sure we will get to experience as close to the real happening as we can get from the virtual world.

A Fold Apart is set to be released in June of this year for the Nintendo Switch and PC, and later this year for Xbox One and PS4. For more information about this soul-stirring release, be sure to check out their website, and don’t forget to wishlist on Steam! For another great puzzle title, don’t miss Automachef!!



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