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  • svgDec 19, 2019Quick Bits

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    Éloïse Laroche, the sole developer of adorable farming simulation game Alchemy Story, is working on another small game with bunnies! I already absolutely adore her art style and you can even follow her progress on the game’s development on her Twitch channel. Éloïse assures her fans that working on this game will not take away from completing Alchemy Story and is planning on pricing it at only $3 US. You can already Wishlist Bunny Park on Steam here and expect its full release on January 14th, 2020!

    For those of you that haven’t been following the developer on Twitch, so far she’s worked on the animations, emotes and textures of the bunnies, added characteristics, behaviors, and personalities for each bunny, and added lots of decorations! All you have to do is customize your park and watch as your bunnies run around, reacting to your snacks and toys! I don’t think I’ll be able to stop myself from collecting all of these little cuties and giving everything their little hearts desire!

    About Bunny Park

    Play as a bunny park manager! Restore the park after a spooky tornado scared all of the bunnies away and left the park a mess! Bring the bunnies back home by improving and expanding your park!

    • Build and decorate your own natural park!
    • Care for your bunnies with snacks and toys!
    • Improve your park’s popularity, coziness and cuteness!
    • Find all of the lost bunnies and complete your collection!
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  • svgAug 22, 2019News

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    Ever since we’ve played an early demo of Alchemy Story, we have been keeping close tabs on all of Éloïse Laroche’s updates via Steam on this adorable farming simulation game. These new additions include: more villagers and their cute animal forms, mining and fishing, farm expansions, the Market, and our personal favorite feature; character outfit and hairstyle customization. Now you can play the most recent version of Alchemy Story on Steam Early Access right here starting today (August 22nd, 2019)! We here at myPotatoGames can’t wait to delve deeper into this magical and whimsical world and free the spellbound villagers from their curse. See below for a list of the newest features as well as the most updated trailer.

    Key Features

    • Care for your cute animals!
    • Join a cozy village life! 
    • Learn the art of alchemy! 
    • Fish along lakes and rivers!
    • Delve into the mine!
    • Grow a garden and keep beehives! 
    • Lift the Witch’s curse & save the villagers! 
    • Gather lumber in the forest!
    • Manage your own marketplace!
    • Customize your outfit and hairstyle!

    Steam Early Access Trailer

    For the latest on Steam updates and/or DLCs, check out our articles here: Two Point Hospital Reveals Close Encounters DLC and Don’t Starve Together: Return of Them – Turn Of Tides Out Now on PC.

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  • svgAug 10, 2019News

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    Alchemy Story is coming to Steam Early Access this August 22nd and you’ll be able to transmute six villagers and complete the first part of the storyline. Meaning, there will be some adorable animals walking around town that were former humans but have been cursed by the Witch. They need your help to remember who they are! You’ll also get to farm, fish, garden, forage, chop some trees, mine, and brew potions. See below for Éloïse Laroche’s, the sole creator of the game, newest update which includes one last spellbound character and some other amazing new additions.

    Devlog – July 2019

    After helping this mysterious cat complete his transmutation, all spellbound villagers will be liberated from the Witch’s curse! While the village will be restored, this doesn’t mean the end of your quest. On the contrary, a new chapter will begin once you meet the Witch…

    Luckily, a few villagers weren’t spellbound and this fisherman, Aiden Luckywave, is one of them! You’ll be able to chat with him to get your first fishing pole, learn some fishing tips and complete deliveries to earn some gold.

    Research and brew six new potions, such as the Forester Potion which will increase your luck when cutting down trees, or the Golden Brew to gain a random amount of gold when you drink it! 

    Unlock different outfits and hairstyles in the villager’s shops! Once an outfit is purchased, it’s placed in your dresser and you can change clothes from home. The plan is to add more clothes you can unlock from quests and secret areas around the village later on.

    If you missed the last update for Alchemy Story, you can read our article here: Snacko, Alchemy Story, Ooblets, & Button City Indie Updates. You can also view some of our gameplay footage of an earlier demo of the game here: Alchemy Story – Demo Version Summary. Something that was mentioned in our demo was how adorable the chicks are with their little red bows so naturally we here at myPotatoGames will be all over that new in-game T-shirt.

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  • svgJul 8, 2019News

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    These have been some of our most anticipated games as of late and we’ve noticed that our Potato Family is also eager for the release of these games! We’ve put together some links for you below to wishlist along with the most recent updates to tie us all over until we get the chance to play! If you’ve only just heard of these incredibly adorable games now, or if you’ve missed our other articles on them, we’ve also added those links for you!


    Snacko, the game where you play as a cat, is an adorable farming simulation with unique puzzles. Below is the announcement from June that we are most excited about but if you want to read their entire devlog you can do so here. Snacko still has a tentative release date of 2021 for PC and the Nintendo Switch. If you missed our last month’s updates on this game, you can read our article here.

    An entirely new building system is in the works which includes their new camera rotation! Now you can see all your wonderful decors from all angles and rotate your items to place however you want! Take a look at the video below to see how it will work. We’ve also listed everything else for that pertains to your furniture and decor items.

    New Features:

    • world-aligned grid snapping – this means no matter where you are on the map, you can always make a perfectly straight line, even if the building area is offset from the others.
    • rotate freely – rotate on 45 degree angle increments by holding CTRL and sliding your mouse…just like in the Sims! Part of October’s update will also be adding additional support for controllers, although it won’t be fully polished
    • free build mode – my personal favourite: you can go off the grid and rotate at any degree you want! Although the default is set to snapping since we feel like most players would prefer that, you can toggle on free build mode to place things wherever you’d like
    • placing multiple things on surfaces – as long as there’s enough room, you can stuff as many things on top of a surface, such as a table or counter, as you’d like. No more messy snapping algorithms that limit how you can decorate your kitchen counters when you can just use free build mode!
    • dyes – certain objects, indoors or outdoors, can be dyed with items and their patterns changed. Dyes can be crafted or purchased, and items with different patterns can be purchased from certain NPCs. For example, you can keep the style of your bed frame but swap out the blanket pattern by purchasing a new blanket…you can dye it afterwards, too!

    Alchemy Story

    Alchemy Story is a magical farming simulation game where you’ll have to turn the poor townsfolk from animals to humans again! We’ve played an early version of the game on which you can purchase here, or you can read about here in our review. You can also wishlist the game on Steam here so you’re notified of the Early Access release which is expected this August 2019. If you purchased it earlier on, you’ll get the Steam code for free when it releases.

    Last month’s update Penelope Fineyarn and mines where added, now we get to take a look at newly added Madeline Fineyarn in this new devlog! Once you help her out, this cute tailor will open her boutique in Rosehill and you’ll be able to shop for new outfits! Another new area added is the Market. You can now unlock eight market stalls in the town center and place your ingredients for sale. You can add fish to the list of things to sell (five different kinds) as you can now go fishing anywhere with a body of water. Finally, a map and a “guide me” feature has been added so you can follow along to where you’d like to go!


    What can we say about this wonderfully unique simulation and adventure game? Ooblets is about growing and training these adorable creatures on you farm to then follow you in exploring strange lands and doing dance-battles with other trainers and wild Ooblets. There is still no release date as of yet but you can wishlist it on Steam here and expect the game to also release on Xbox One simultaneously. You can catch up with our last article here or read on for the latest devlog (which you can also do here).

    Now there’s a rare weather event to catch Gleamies, the rarest variation of each Ooblet type. This sparkly rain brings out a higher chance of running into local Gleamies for you to challenge and looks beautiful too. Below you’ll also see the newly added Ooblet, Spuddle!

    Button City

    This game about a fox and his friends trying to save their local arcade is still in early development so we do not have a release date or confirmed platforms but what we do know is that it’s darn cute. A couple of months ago we introduced to you the characters along with their gaming rivalry here but now we have a little more information from their new Patreon page here about how to travel around this beautiful pastel-colored world. They also recently announced that they are hiring 3D artists if you happen to be one and are reading this now.

    Use the Zoomie to get to other places in the world super quick. When you play the game you’ll be able to press a button or use a finger gesture to zoom out of the level, enter the level selection stack, and pop into a new place. What you see below are the actual floating islands to which you’ll be navigating so this new form of fast-travel, the Zoomie, is a way to interact with this type of design choice.

    We have a sneak peak of the concept art for a new character, Peppermint Pepperbottom, who’s the one behind the wicked scheme to shut down the arcade. You also get to see some lovely art of the downtown street that’s going to have tons of little shops. As of now there’s a market, pizzeria, book store, and a music shop!

    Stay tuned with us here at myPotatoGames for the latest and greatest on wholesome games!

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  • svgJun 4, 2019News

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    Éloïse Laroche has posted another devlog update on Steam with great new features! She’s the sole developer behind Alchemy Story, an adorable farming simulation game. If you missed our early demo summary and gameplay footage of Alchemy Story, you can catch up with us right here. To remind you, all the villagers have been turned into animals and it is up to you to turn them human again with a little bit of alchemy. Below you’ll find a summary of the 4th character added to the game which also means you get a new area and a new item.

    Penelope Fineyarn

    A new character has been added to the village, but she’ll remain an animal until you help her out! Penelope is a skilled miner that will help you to explore the mines. Once you help her remember who she is, she’ll sell you hammers, minecarts, and different ores everyday.

    The Mine

    Much like the forest area that you unlock thanks to Jasmine, the mines are an entirely new area you can explore and get new items from. The developer plans to add secret areas and more quests in the mine later on in development of the game.

    Gather stone, coal, silver, gold, sapphire and ruby from these boulders! Those items will be useful either as building materials, to fuel furnaces and ovens, to brew potions, or to trade in exchange of coins.

    Furnace & Minecarts

    To progress in the mine, you’ll need to fuel your furnace. Different ingredients such as wood, coal, and maple leaves can be used as fuel.

    You can buy up to six different minecarts, one for each type of ore. Each one will allow you to carry more of that item in your inventory. As always, the developer is skilled at making anything look adorable, even minecarts. Also, what a creative and visually-pleasing way to show what you are carrying in your inventory!

    The Hammer

    This new tool can be upgraded up to four times in Penelope’s shop to spend less energy breaking rocks! Again, you’ll have access to these hammers once you encounter Penelope and complete some tasks.

    Along with this newest update there were also a few bug fixes. Stay tuned for more on this game with myPotatoGames as we continue to keep an eye on the development of Alchemy Story. Want to catch up on other updates? Check out our article on Equilinox here, a relaxing nature simulation game.

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  • svgMay 3, 2019News

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    With a new month comes a new devlog update from Éloïse Laroche, the sole developer behind Alchemy Story, an adorable farming simulation game. If you missed our demo summary and gameplay footage of Alchemy Story last time, you can catch up with us right here. Now, let’s dive in to the new features added or changed as the developer continues to progress with the development of the game.

    William Sharpleaf

    A new character has been added to the game that will also need saving and help transforming back into a human. William is the town’s lumberjack. He will sell lumber, mushrooms, and better axes. The axes will help you to explore further into the forest as you need to cut down trees to find keys.

    New character: William Sharpleaf

    Gnome Builders

    Three adorable gnomes have been added as a reward for transmuting William. With their help, you’ll be able to build and upgrade different buildings around town. As of now, you’ll be able to build a hot air balloon and upgrade your barn and coop. The developer intends to later add more buildings that will be available for construction such as a market, fishing nets, and a house expansion.

    Helpful, happy gnome builders

    Hot Air Balloon

    The hot air balloon in our opinion will be a most valuable item to build as it will allow you to fast travel into the forest to previous levels you’ve already unlocked. No more having to restart at the beginning of the forest every time you enter.

    Handy hot air balloon

    Coop & Barn Expansions

    The barn and the coop both have three different sizes now. Both buildings start as small with about 3-4 spaces each and you’ll be able to upgrade them two more times. The expansions allow you to keep new types of animals or more of the same ones. It’s always great to have more animals.

    More space, more animals!

    Feedback & Development

    The creator has heard everyone’s comments and has made improvements based on the feedback she has received this past month. See below for all of the new changes!

    • The groundhog is easier to find as she stays out of the ground until you talk to her and start managing your garden.
    • Charlotte sends a letter to better explain how the garden works.
    • After adopting your first animal, Noah will send you a letter to explain how to feed and take care of them.
    • The main interface will notify you of which area you are in. I’m still working on a map, but this information will let you know quickly where you are.
    • I’ve fixed collisions so it’s easier to interact with certain objects.
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  • svgApr 19, 2019News

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    Alchemy Story is a wonderful farming simulation game where all the villagers have been turned into animals and it is up to you to turn them human again. Éloïse Laroche, the creator, was kind enough to give us an early access copy so that we can share with you everything that has been developed so far. You can follow her on Twitter as Confused Hamster and get caught up with the most recent updates with us here. You’ll love the adorable art style, brewing potions, and completing quests for the townsfolk! See below our sneak peek of what’s to come with video playthrough.


    Play as Arabella, training under the professor and alchemist Edward, and arrive to a seemingly deserted town. Edward explains that he believes the Witch has cursed all of the villagers and turned them into animals! He has prepared a transmutation circle in his basement to reverse the spell but first we must find the villagers and help them remember their names. The story in Alchemy Story is very promising and I can’t wait to play more!

    Talk to Edward to begin the story

    Main Quest

    Edward instructs you, via a letter from your mailbox, to find the first “person” which is a shepherd’s dog. You need to talk to the dog a few different times before you can progress the main quest. You can only talk to everyone once per day so you’re required to go to sleep in your bed. When the dog remembers his name, start searching for the mementos around their farmstead. All three items will be listed in your quest log so you know what to look for. Once all three items are found, go to Edward’s house, use his lift to the basement, and perform the transmutation.

    Edward’s transmutation circle


    You can now find and meet a shepherd named Noah returned as a human at their farm. Talk to Noah and receive your first farm animal as a gift! He also now sells cows, sheep, chickens, and rabbits, with different colors on different days. Go back to your farm and find an egg in your coop and hatch it. The most adorable baby chick with a red bow will come out and you can use the action button to jump for joy! Music notes will burst from you and the chick displaying that you are happy to see each other. I would like to be able to see an animation of petting but that may be still in the works.

    Noah’s human form


    The next in-game day, you will receive another letter from Edward telling you to find someone else. A lonely fawn can be seen wandering around another farmstead. Speak to it and repeat the same earlier instructions. This time, find different mementos that are important to this villager remembering who they are. Again, once you have performed the transmutation, you find a girl name Jasmine wondering her farm. She sells you items such as bugs, that you will need for potion-making, and another interesting addition to your farm; beehives! Purchase beehives and you can harvest honey. Jasmine is also the Fairykeeper; friends to all fairies. When you have given her the required items, you will unlock access to the Forest.

    Jasmine’s human form

    The Forest

    Inside the forest, there will be many trees that you can chop up with your axe to receive lumber and other items. Every action with your axe will take up energy that is displayed on your screen. Once at 0 energy, you will no longer be able to cut down the trees but there doesn’t seem to be any other penalty.

    Chopping wood in the Forest

    Occasionally, a key will be among the items you gathered from the chopped trees so that you can unlock the next level of the Forest. Sometimes there will be a bench in the further areas that will replenish some energy. It’s unclear what other mysteries lay in this Forest but I’m excited to find out.


    One character you will be able to speak to from the beginning is Charlotte. Charlotte sells flowers that you can multiply in your garden or use for potions. She also sells garden plots so you can plant more things. She and Edward will begin to send you letters asking for you to bring them specific items. You can chat with them when you have said items in your inventory and they will automatically thank you. You will also receive money for your troubles. Completing a quest for them, chatting to them, and giving them a gift will display a smiley face. Quests and their favorite gifts will have a wider smile icon appear.

    Chatting with Charlotte


    Items can be found everywhere around the town such as in trees, the grass, and even on fences. They are all helpfully surrounded but swirling stars so they immediately stand out. Every day you can collect more items. However, some of the items Edward will request for his potion-making, such as Dark Water, will only be purchasable through him. It’s a little odd that he is asking you for an item he already has but it isn’t a big deal. Everything you need and the amount will be viewable in your quest log.

    Foraging a butterfly and maple leafs

    Your Farmstead

    Every morning you will start inside your home near the bed you have just slept in. The bed is to save your game and start a new day. Normally I would want the ability to save separately from sleeping but there doesn’t seem to be any consequences in skipping to the next day or things that are missable.

    When the next day is loading, it briefly tells you what day it is but it doesn’t appear on your screen when walking around or on the calendar. The developer just recently implemented a Day/Night Cycle so perhaps this is merely unfinished. Furthermore, do not stay up past midnight as Lutins will steal some of your money! I do appreciate the fact that once midnight hits, your character is sent home automatically. It saves me from walking all the way back.

    On your farm, you will have a barn, a coop, a field with garden beds, a mailbox, and an adorable owl that will do some shipping for you. As a side note, I wish there was a mini-map on my screen as it took me awhile to recognize places and know where to go. However, I absolutely appreciate that all the farmsteads in the town have different colored roofs that I can see from afar. Another helpful feature would be that the name of the person’s farm appears, once you have uncovered it, when you enter the area. I’m just particularly bad with navigation and directions.

    Your farmstead


    Inside your home is a cauldron where you can practice your alchemy and make some money or enjoy the effects the potions give you. You will start off with two recipes that give you a list of items required to make them. Brew them and bring them to the owl just outside your home and you will receive money. What potions can be shipped at the time will change daily. New recipes will unlock by completing the aforementioned side-quests.

    Your Farm Animals

    So far, there is one trough on your farm that will feed all of your animals once per day. Approach it to select up to 3 of the listed items from your inventory that you have foraged such as plants and acorns. I can see why the items only pop up when you hover over them and then disappear so as to get out of the way, but I would prefer to see everything all at once. I’d also like to know what those items are worth and how many I own so as not to give away something too precious.

    The developer has said that the more you feed your animals, the faster they grow. I gave my single chick 3 items every day for a couple of days and it turned into an adult! Seeing the adorable baby animals a little longer would be nice but perhaps other people would like to be able to receive their produce a lot faster. I skipped a couple days of feeding my chicken and there doesn’t seem to be any negative effects, for now. My preference is that my animals don’t get sick or die and to be able to take care of them at my own leisure.

    My adult chicken

    Your Garden

    To plant anything in your garden you must first interact with the most adorable gopher you have ever seen. It’s not obvious at first because it is hiding in a hole. There are a total of 9 plots which is a good amount for the items you get. Select items from your inventory like flowers can be fed as a snack to your friendly gopher and it will plant everything for you! In just a few short days whatever you planted will be multiplied by 4 and ready for harvest. Bugs such as butterflies may even appear on top. As of now, there’s no need to water your plants but there is a fishing well and bucket nearby so that may change.

    The gopher in your garden

    Graphics, Controls, and Sound

    Everything is in 3D with vibrant and beautiful colors. With regards to scenery, details are even added such as ponds, paths, and lights. When speaking to characters, they seem more alive as they continue to move and give facial expressions. It was great to see that our main character has lines and the dialogue box that appears will let you know who is currently speaking. Moreover, I have to make a special mention of the animals in this game because they are the cutest things to look at. I love that you can zoom in and out to take a closer look.

    A tutorial box at the beginning of the game will clearly tell you what keys to use to play. I used a mouse which controlled the rotation of my camera and clicking on my menu and text. Everything worked pretty seamlessly for me.

    The music is nice and relaxing and will change depending on what time of day it is. That was a feature I enjoyed as I never really found myself needing to constantly check what time it was. Hopefully, there will be sound effects added for the animals that make them just that much cuter. They will however walk right up to you when they see you which is already too much cuteness for my heart to handle.

    Sheep, chick, and chicken

    I truly enjoyed playing this demo and can’t wait for the full release which you can wishlist on Steam here. There’s a release date noted of the summer of 2019. Stay tuned with myPotatoGames as we continue to follow the developer’s progress with an eventual final rating. For now, watch our video playthrough below for alchemy Story Demo Gameplay Part 1 and continue to watch for Part 2!

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  • svgApr 15, 2019Event

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    Thank you Confused Hamster!!!

    We would like to start out by giving a big thanks to Éloïse Laroche for not only creating such a gorgeous and expansive game, but also the kindness of sharing it with some true fans free of charge and making this Alchemy Story giveaway possible! The best response we could think of to this loving display of generosity is to do our best to make sure this game gets in the hands of true cutesy RPG enthusiests (i.e. our followers)! We have much appreciation for what you do, and look forward to all upcoming updates and other possible future titles!

    Notification of new arrival!

    A recent tweet from @ConfusedHamster tells us that we are also getting a new character in the next update! William appears to be a handsome gentlemen with a rustic attire and a dapper 3 o’clock shadow. He is sure to be a most-welcomed addition to the eclectic group of inhabitants already settled into Alchemy story!

    The Alchemy Story giveaway has ended, and the winners are…

    After throwing darts at the expansive list of friend-taggers and tater tot earners (then replacing our laptop screens, hehe), we have our winners!

    @bmueller tagged @jmmueller



    Thank you so much for being a part of the Potato family! We are super stoked to have you as a part of this community, and just as pleased as punch to share this amazing game with you!!

    A big thanks to all participants!

    We would also like thank all of our followers that participated in this wonderful Alchemy Story giveaway! We saw lots of interest in this beautiful game, and we are overjoyed to be able to share it with some fans! Though this giveaway has ended and you may not be a winner this time, you will always be a winner to us. We will continue to do our best to share everything we can about the games we all love! This ever growing adventure is made possible by you, and we are endlessly elated to have you with us!

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