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New Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Login Bonus

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]nimal Crossing Pocket Camp is already out in Australia. Fans of the game in the west have to wait until late November for a release of the mobile game. However, Nintendo has updated the app today with some new exciting login bonuses. Players who login today will get a free leaf ticket, the paid currency in the game. Check out all other bonuses for every single until November 21st below. If you live outside of Australia and want to start playing Pocket Camp, check out our guide here.

APocket Camp login bonus

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Current events

Log-in bonuses

  • [Log-in Bonus] A new set of Log-in Bonuses is now available, allowing players to get various goodies each day they play: 1 Leaf Ticket, 3 units of wood, and more! (available until November 21st)
  • [Log-in Bonus] For a limited time, all players can get various goodies the first 10 days they play: 1 Veggie Basket, 10 000 Bells, 1 Alpinist Dress, 10 Leaf Tickets, 1 birdcage, 4 Request Tickets, 10 Leaf Tickets, 2 Calling Cards, 1 Alpinist Hat, and 1 Animal Crossing paint job for your Camper.


  • [Goals] New sets of Timed Goals are available every day (they’re different for each player). Clear them and get various craft materials (available for 24h, no end date)
  • [Goals] A first set of Stretch Goals are available. Clear them to get various craft materials and goodies (no end date, see October 25th update)


  • [Store] The Special Starter Pack is still available. It includes 20 Leaf Tickets + 20 bonus Leaf Tickets + 1 sea throw net + 1 river throw net + 1 honey (only available during the first 3 days after starting the game)


  • [Craft] For a limited time, you can craft K. K. Slider’s chair and Tom Nook’s chair from the “Special – Available for a Limited Time” section of the Craft menu. You need 250 Leaf Tickets for each (only available during the first 45 days after starting the game)



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