It’s almost as if TinyBuild Games wanted to keep up with NIS America’s press event. The publisher made a short presentation titled #HelloSwitch to show off games coming to the platform. See if you can guess the mystery game at the end. The name might just be a clue!

So this presentation is certainly shorter than many we’re accustomed to breaking down. However, in the interest of time for some of our readers, a short list can be found below. Then our thoughts on the announcements.

The six games announced are:

  • The Last Station (Coming February 2018)
  • Cluster Truck (Coming March 2018)
  • Punch Club (Coming May 2018)
  • Party Hard (Coming Summer 2018)
  • Streets of Rogue (Coming “later this year”)
  • Hello Neighbor (Release unspecified)

So for the most part, it’s the same kind of pixelated mayhem we expect from TinyBuild. There’s a bit of a violent theme through each of the games, barring Cluster Truck. (Not that Cluster Truck won’t make you violent with rage, but that’s a bit irrelevant.) Each of these games has a similar sense of humor, too. Whether you’re on a train in the zombie apocalypse, on a rampage trying to stop a noisy party, or tracking down your father’s killer, there’s plenty of  low-resolution carnage to enjoy. The only game that really stands out from the rest is obviously the highlight of the night (err… morning?)

Yes, from keeping its art hidden on the list to naming the entire presentation after this game, TinyBuild wanted to be sure you knew that Hello Neighbor was the game they were really excited about. While we don’t have a proper release date, a game like Hello Neighbor could find itself right at home on the Switch. We’ll be sure to keep readers updated, should we ever hear of a release date for this outstanding title.

#HelloSwitch Hello Neighbor

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