Sure, Animal Crossing can be wholesome. Initially aimed at children, and classed as a family-friendly game, why wouldn’t it be? However, if you look closely enough/play it enough, you might question this wholesomeness. The series can be surprisingly dark at times, sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly.

And so, here are my top 10 examples of times where Animal Crossing got dark. If you want more Animal Crossing fun, check out our 10 Examples of Absolute Savagery in Animal Crossing.

1. Chill dude. ????

2. Do not mess with Isabelle. ????

Image result for isabelle mouth out with soap

3. What a weird dream am I right? ????

4. Why are you not more concerned?! ????

5. Even more creepy when you look into what a Kappa is… ????

“Woah there, Kapp'n, you’re married…

6. Well at least she’s honest..? ????

7. There should be some items that Nintendo disclude from villagers’ vocabulary… ????

8. ^^^ ????

Image result for animal crossing dark quotes

9. Nice and toasty like… ????

Related image

10. Wut. ????

Related image

Have you ever experienced the darker side of Animal Crossing? If so, let us know in the comments. 

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